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    Shina posted a Visitor Message for Ben3
    Ben3 there are NCBI databases Pairwise sequence alignment of nucleotide & protein sequences, BLAST and Genome browsers. Which one will be used for my topic on identifying SNPs in ApoL1

  • Shina
    Ben3 I do not have a sequence in order to put it into BLAST is there a possibility you can provide help for me please. I have been struggling into working my round this and I would need a great big help into getting somewhere is there a possibility to provide me with answers to this topic please and I can work with it to conduct a ppt on this topic.

  • Ben3
    Hey Shina,

    If it is just a single sequence then you could past your sequence into BLASTn (on NCBI) and just look at where it differs from the reference sequences.

    But if you wanted to visualize it you could align your sequencing data against a reference sequence inside of a program like CLC or Geneious. This will allow you to actually see all the bases that are different from the reference.

    If you have a lot of sequences and a lot of data you would have to use a bioinformatics tool that detects SNPs for this.
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