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  • Now Hiring Senior Software Quality Engineer

    Ingenuity is a group of creative, energetic people helping life science researchers understand the biological mechanisms that cause human disease. Ingenuity’s industry-leading technology platform was built by our team of interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial researchers, scientists and engineers that are passionate about improving human health through the intelligent use of semantic technologies. We have used this technology to develop the industry-leading analytic platform for pathway analysis and systems biology research, and are now expanding to develop new solutions for the life sciences and healthcare markets. We are passionate about our users, our products, our technology, and our vision, and are looking for intelligent, talented and entrepreneurial developers who are eager to join our world-class team. Ingenuity is a professional work environment, valuing work life balance.


    As a Senior Software Quality Engineer, you will work with a dynamic and hard working team to help improve the quality of our flagship systems biology product, Ingenuity Pathways Analysis as well as other Ingenuity products (Variant Analysis and iReport) and services. You must observe and constructively work towards improving the overall product quality, testing and risk management process. You will work closely with developers, product management, customer service and other internal groups to proactively seek product information, develop in depth test plans, derive practical use cases, and author appropriate test cases. You will also be responsible for communicating risks, test status and results to QA, Development, and Management. You will perform functional black box testing as well as white box and test automation where applicable. Since we are a start up you may be asked to contribute in a variety of ways to help the company succeed and help our customers better the world. This position is full time.


    Essential Functions:
    •As an individual contributor, hands-on involvement in all areas of Quality Assurance: processes, test plan and test case creation, bug tracking lifecycle, and functional testing
    •Strong collaboration and partnership with other engineering teams to influence engineering best practices and infuse quality throughout the development life cycle
    •Scientific testing of biological content through Ingenuity Software
    •Develop test automation scripts using Java based automation tools (FitNesse, Selenium, etc)
    •Interpret requirements and specifications to develop test plans, test cases and test documentation
    •Conduct functional-level testing including both GUI and backend tests
    •Provide written status reports for all executed test cases
    •Involvement with Agile iterative software development process - test-driven development, continuous integration testing, rapid automation to efficiently build the best industry software
    • Collaborate with other team members, view the big picture, and question decisions to evolve the testing process
    • Think from a customer perspective, and creatively solve real user problems

    Marginal Functions:
    •Make recommendations for QA process, best practices and other implementation according to business goals
    •Recommend and implement enhancements to our automated testing framework
    •Coordinate and lead efforts for cross functional testing and/or integration tasks on a project basis


    •Team player who enjoys working with cross-functional groups of engineers, scientists, software developers, logicians, and product managers
    •Clear, strong understanding and practice of good software QA methodologies
    •Excellent logic, problem solving, and troubleshooting skills
    •Self-starter, who is detailed, thorough, organized, and has proven ability to prioritize and scope work
    •Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    •Excellent time management, organizational and multitasking skills
    •Strong knowledge of molecular biology and genomics
    •Experience in both white and black box testing
    •Proficiency with Java or other object-oriented programming languages
    •Proficiency in automation with WebDriver (Selenium 2)
    •Proficiency in Unix and Windows operating systems
    •Experience with testing web-based applications
    •Experience with testing java-based applications
    •Experience with performance/load testing web apps
    •Experience developing test plans, designing, implementing, executing and analyzing test cases, writing bug reports, and assessing risk
    •Familiarity with SQL and database design
    •Familiarity with version control software like CVS or Subversion
    •Familiarity with defect-tracking software and processes


    • Scripting experience with Perl or Python

    • Experience in test automation using Segue Silk Test, Fitnesse
    •Experience with test framework design and implementation using Selenium 2 (WebDriver)

    • Strong experience with analysis of algorithms

    • Strong statistical analysis skills

    • Understanding of Agile Development Methodologies

    • Experience with multi-tiered web technologies including web servers and application servers

    • Experience with or interest in working with life sciences:

    • Familiarity with the bioinformatics field and with computational biology tools and practices

    • Degree in biology or related science with a strong background in molecular biology, organic chemistry, or biochemistry

    • Familiarity with viral and bacterial pathogens, host-pathogen interaction, disease response, infection and inflammation pathways

    • Hands on familiarity with bench and wet-lab procedures and work flows, especially in the areas of microarrays, gene expression analysis, toxicology, biomarkers, tissue expression

    • Experience working with data from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms

    • Familiarity with ontologies, specifically bio-ontologies (GO, MeSH, UMLS)

    • Familiarity with general bioinformatics databases and computational biology resources (NCBI Entrez Gene, KEGG, PubMed)

    • Ability to interpret findings in scientific literature


    •5+ years experience in biotech

    •1+ years experience in molecular biology research
    •3+ years experience in test automation


    •M.S. in Molecular Biology (biology, biochemistry, genetics) or equivalent industry experience.

    •B.S. /M.S. in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience.
    •PhD in Molecular Biology

    •Little or no travel required


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