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New here? Stop in and introduce yourself. Where you are, what you work on, etc.
Topics: 4,824 Posts: 6,992
Last Post: Hello everyone.
4,824 6,992
News about the latest advances and discoveries in sequencing and related technologies.
Topics: 18 Posts: 19
18 19
Any topic/question that does not fit into the subcategories below. If you're unsure of where to put something, ask in here!
Topics: 2,578 Posts: 7,776
2,578 7,776
Core Facilities
Dealing with customer samples, data, and the challenges that come with both?
Topics: 127 Posts: 578
127 578
Events / Conferences
Relevant events or scientific conferences that may be of interest to the community. (Mgmt reserves right to limit commercial content without approval.)
Topics: 738 Posts: 1,250
738 1,250
Literature Watch
Discussion of any scientific study related to high content or next generation genomics. Whole genome association, metagenomics, digital gene expression, etc.
Topics: 41,652 Posts: 42,328
41,652 42,328
Sequencing Technologies/Companies
Bridged amplification & clustering followed by sequencing by synthesis. (Genome Analyzer / HiSeq / MiSeq)
Topics: 3,008 Posts: 16,588
3,008 16,588
by Ben3
Oxford Nanopore
Single molecule sequencing via a protein nanopore, presently on the MinION.
Topics: 106 Posts: 571
106 571
Pacific Biosciences
Single-molecule real-time observation of DNA polymerase using zero-mode waveguide (ZMW) optical confinement nanostructures
Topics: 384 Posts: 2,175
384 2,175
Ion Torrent
Integrated electronic detection of protons released upon base incorporation. (Life Technologies)
Topics: 391 Posts: 2,172
391 2,172
MGISEQ (FKA Complete Genomics)
Service-based whole human genome sequencing with probe ligation chemistry.
Topics: 50 Posts: 158
50 158
Sanger/Dye Terminator
Automated dye terminator ("Sanger") chemistries
Topics: 76 Posts: 270
76 270
Service Providers
Discussions about next gen sequencing service providers, reviews & experiences, etc. No overtly commercial content permitted without prior approval.
Topics: 79 Posts: 481
79 481
Sequencing Resources
SEQanswers sponsors/vendors can post commercial content here with approval from admin. Please support our sponsors!
Topics: 337 Posts: 807
337 807
Archived Forums
A place for discussion of older forums and sequencing technologies.
Topics: 1,361 Posts: 7,278
Last Post: Rapid Libraries
1,361 7,278
by pmiguel
UK - Cambridge (37/67)
The Pipeline (81/587)
SOLiD (462/2,440)
454 Pyrosequencing (743/3,966)
Polonator (6/65)
Discussion of next-gen sequencing related bioinformatics: resources, algorithms, open source efforts, etc
Topics: 21,974 Posts: 102,876
21,974 102,876
Jobs Forums
Industry Jobs!
Job listings at companies that sponsor SEQanswers.com! Interested in posting a job? Contact [email protected] for access.
Topics: 222 Posts: 253
222 253
Academic/Non-Profit Jobs
Post and look for academic, non-profit, or other non-industrial jobs here.
Topics: 1,594 Posts: 1,811
1,594 1,811
Peter Utnes
Applications Forums
Sample Prep / Library Generation
Techniques and protocol discussions on sample preparation, library generation, methods and ideas
Topics: 2,174 Posts: 9,805
2,174 9,805
Single Cell Sequencing
Techniques, discussions, and applications of single cell sequencing.
Topics: 1 Posts: 1
1 1
Genomic Resequencing
Variant discovery in previously sequenced genomes/regions
Topics: 277 Posts: 990
277 990
De novo discovery
Wandering without a reference? Post here
Topics: 341 Posts: 1,700
341 1,700
Ever wonder what's growing in that hot spring or glacier?
Topics: 265 Posts: 837
265 837
Any non-primary sequence heritable modification of genetic material. ChIP-SEQ, DNA methylation (Bisulfite-SEQ), chromatin modifications (methylation, acetylation, etc), non coding RNA.
Topics: 355 Posts: 1,576
Last Post: DMR simulator
355 1,576
RNA Sequencing
Application of sequencing to RNA analysis (RNA-Seq, whole transcriptome, SAGE, expression analysis, novel organism mining, splice variants)
Topics: 2,848 Posts: 11,388
2,848 11,388
Clinical Sequencing
Discuss issues unique to clinical sequencing.
Topics: 39 Posts: 104
39 104
Personalized Genomics
Personalized Genomics
Efforts to understand one's own genome. Companies such as 23andme, Navigenics, Knome, DNADirect, and private efforts like the Personal Genome Project. Ethics, privacy, security, all of it goes here.
Topics: 57 Posts: 290
57 290
by bione
Site News
Site Announcements
Announcements regarding SEQanswers
Topics: 48 Posts: 198
48 198
Site Feedback/Suggestions
Please post all feedback or suggestions about the site in this forum.
Topics: 47 Posts: 656
47 656
by Sbiljh1
Webinar Series
Planning and feedback subforum for planning sequencing webinar episodes
Topics: 27 Posts: 42
27 42



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Recent Articles


  • seqadmin
    A Brief Overview and Common Challenges in Single-cell Sequencing Analysis
    by seqadmin

    ​​​​​​The introduction of single-cell sequencing has advanced the ability to study cell-to-cell heterogeneity. Its use has improved our understanding of somatic mutations1, cell lineages2, cellular diversity and regulation3, and development in multicellular organisms4. Single-cell sequencing encompasses hundreds of techniques with different approaches to studying the genomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes, and other omics of individual cells. The analysis of single-cell sequencing data i...

    01-24-2023, 01:19 PM
  • seqadmin
    Introduction to Single-Cell Sequencing
    by seqadmin
    Single-cell sequencing is a technique used to investigate the genome, transcriptome, epigenome, and other omics of individual cells using high-throughput sequencing. This technology has provided many scientific breakthroughs and continues to be applied across many fields, including microbiology, oncology, immunology, neurobiology, precision medicine, and stem cell research.

    The advancement of single-cell sequencing began in 2009 when Tang et al. investigated the single-cell transcriptomes
    01-09-2023, 03:10 PM