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Downloading Genomes from the 1000 Genome Project



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  • Downloading Genomes from the 1000 Genome Project

    I was given the task of finding and downloading the entire assembled genomic sequence of 10 healthy humans (preferably male and of the same ethnic origin).
    I went to the following FTP site ftp://ftp-trace.ncbi.nih.gov/1000genomes/ftp/data/ suggested by the 1000 Genomes Project webpage.
    There are a thousand directories beginning with HG or NA. I am assuming these are the IDs given to the individuals whose genomes are being sequenced.
    When I looked at a few of these directories, they contain .bam files and .fastq files which look like RNA-seq or DNA-seq data. Also, I only see data on chromosomes 11 and 20.
    If there is anyone who can point me where can I download the entire assembled genomes in FASTA format, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    To my knowledge, only one sample has been assembled and released (NA12878).