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Aligning multiple paired-end files with subread

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  • Aligning multiple paired-end files with subread

    Hi all,

    Is there anyone out there who knows whether it's possible to align multiple paired-end sequencing fastq files with subread at the same time? For example, we have paired-end sequencing data for 148 samples which we want aligning with subread. We would like to avoid having to set this running sample by sample one at a time. Is there a way to run it in batch for all these samples contained in the same directory? R or command line version solutions would be appreciated, we could use either.......

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    The align() function in Bioconductor package Rsubread allows you to provide multiple input files for alignment at the same time:

    The align() function is an R wrapper function for the 'subread-align' command in SourceForge Subread package. If you run 'subjunc' command, you can use the subjunc() function in Rsubread as well.