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Tophat "butterfly" option annomaly



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  • Tophat "butterfly" option annomaly

    Hello All,

    So I reran some of my data with the new Tophat Butterfly option to see how it may of effected the output and I ended up having to stop the run due to the fact that it created an enormous temporary file (the one with the title of something like left_end_reads). My computer ran out of hard disk space. The file ended up being 472GB big. Just wondering if anyone knew if this was normal? Could anyone share their results with using this option (ie did it make a significant difference in the output)? If so, what method did you use for your library prep (eg NuGen Kits)?

    Just Curious,

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    I've never used the butterfly option but anyway tophat writes massive tmp files while it's working. For me the tmp files top out at about 200 GB but maybe I have less data and I also guess that the butterfly finds and tests more search locations so the tmp files are even bigger again. My data is all standard polyA selected so if you use something that includes ncRNA the problem will get much worse.