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Bioinformatician, Computational Biologist, Programmer Position at Stanford University

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  • Bioinformatician, Computational Biologist, Programmer Position at Stanford University

    A Bioinformatician, Computational Biologist, or Programmer position is available at Stanford University Department of Genetics in the laboratory of Jin Billy Li ( We are interested in identifying and understanding RNA and DNA variations, by developing new genomic technologies. In particular, we focus on RNA editing, an important regulatory mechanism that has been under-appreciated and under-explored. Current projects include, but are not limited to, (1) comprehensive identification of RNA editing sites, (2) quantitative measure of RNA editing level under physiological and pathological conditions, and (3) functional screens of newly identified RNA editing sites. We will primarily perform genomic assays with extensive use of next generation sequencing as a tool, followed by functional assays. Experimental ("wet lab") and computational ("dry lab") components are interwined and synergized in the lab. Data analysis of the next generation sequencing reads is an essential part of the lab, and a main task of this job.

    The candidate should have a Bachelor's, Master's, or doctoral degrees in bioinformatics, computational biology, computer science, genomics, or a related field. S/he should be highly self-motivated, and have excellent oral and written communication skills and strong desire to learn. Proficiency in UNIX/LINUX environment, and a scripting language (such as Perl or Python) is required. Knowledge in next generation sequencing and computational data analysis is required.

    How to apply
    Applicants should submit their CV and arrange three references to Dr. Jin Billy Li ([email protected]) with email subject “Bioinformatician”.