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deCODEme opens sample data set, check it out!

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  • deCODEme opens sample data set, check it out!

    Just got this email from deCODEme, in which they have created a sample user so potential customers can browse output from their genotyping service.

    Check it out, the demo user "me" has what appears to be a strong predispostion to Asthma, and not much else!

    Dear ECO.

    We would like to draw your attention to two new features on the deCODEme website:

    - A demonstration user is now available for all visitors to deCODEme. This feature should help those who have not already ordered a Genetic Scan to gain a better understanding of the type of analysis and information we are currently providing at deCODEme.
    Go to "What is deCODEme" and select "Demo user" or use this link:

    - Now it is possible for you to download your entire SNP genotypes from your Genetic Scan. By using our simple download feature, you can archive the SNPs measured in your deCODEme Genetic Scan and inspect the alleles of the entire set of deCODEme SNPs.

    We welcome your feedback and look forward to presenting you with more exciting genetic discoveries and new features in the coming weeks.

    The deCODEme team
    Last edited by ECO; 01-21-2008, 12:34 PM. Reason: to clarify the identity of "me"