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  • Invitation to present webinar for SEQanswers

    I am working with collaborators at (founder Nick Oswald) to organize a webinar series around NGS topics, and I am looking for expert speakers. The topics can be somewhat flexible depending on the speaker's interest and expertise, but I am envisioning the following general areas:

    1. Sequencing tech overview, comparing/contrasting the current gen 454/SOLiD/Illumina/Polonator/Helicos, chemistry overview, application strengths/weaknesses, third gen overview.

    2. Library prep methods, library types (frag, mate, PE), enrichment technologies, overview of molecular steps (shear, repair, ligate, amplify, emulsion/cluster, etc), fragmentation technologies, quantitation, troubleshooting

    3. Intro to informatics...file formats (fastq, SAM/BAM, etc), data volumes, archive strategies, open software packages, aligner comparisons, galaxy, visualization tools, impact of the cloud,

    4. Informatics applications, DNA based (snp detection, CNV, structural variation, phasing), RNA based (tag counting, TSS mapping, splice isoforms), ChIP-SEQ, etc. What software, what are pitfalls of analyses, etc. (this could spawn an entire series on it's own).

    The format of the talks will be <=30 minutes, with audio over slides. This effort is in collaboration with, and talks will be hosted and displayed at both SEQanswers and BitesizeBio. Our two sites will be jointly providing a $500 honorarium to each speaker. Each seminar will (hopefully) be sponsored by some to-be-determined industrial entity.

    Please post below if you're interested or want more info, this forum will be used to organize and disseminate information about the webinars. Comments, suggestions, or complaints welcomed! Thanks for reading.

    -=Eric (ECO)

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    Full disclosure:

    This invitation was initially sent about a week ago via email to the top posters, however given the high level of response and discussion necessary to refine the topics, I have chosen to open the invitation and discussion to the whole community.


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      More details:

      This was emailed to the original respondents moments ago...

      First, thanks for all your responses and willingness to contribute; I am overwhelmed as we currently have 18 very qualified people who are eager to contribute in one or more areas.

      The distribution of areas to which people are interested in contributing looks very strongly weighted to the informatics side, which is what I expected given our demographics! Clearly there is a ton of interest in informatics applications, which could certainly be split up into multiple sessions focused on the different areas.

      To hopefully clear up some confusion (which I caused) and answer more questions that have cropped up:

      1. Schedule - we are shooting for starting the series before the end of the year (meaning likely one but possibly two events before mid-December), with the remainder of the events restarting in 2011. Given the response level I suspect we will be able to have more events than the four topics I originally outlined. Nick and I are in talks to determine the first tentative date and topic, which I will share with you immediately.

      2. Live vs. recorded - The actual webinar will be given live, and simultaneously recorded for archival on both SEQanswers and Bitesizebio. Nick will run the audio/visual part of the events and he has found that 5pm GMT (12noon EDT) best spans the timezones of most of our respective readerships. If this is a severe time problem for anyone (Australia/China I'm looking at you), we can work something out.

      3. Talk length - We envisioned 30 minute episodes with a single speaker, but if people feel that size of a talk is too long, we can certainly split the time between 2-3 speakers who could focus on different aspects. This would require us to split up the honorarium amongst the speakers, but would significantly reduce the per-person work commitment. Several of you noted that a 10 minute length is more digestible in a web format and we are considering that as well.

      4. Privacy - So far I have not shared anyone's interest in participating with any other users. However, I want people to be aware early on, that at some point it would be great to actually use your full names and institutional affiliations when we announce each webinar. I think this is critical to add credibility to the webinar series. Please consider this when indicating any further interest.

      5. Choice of responders - This is a tough one for me to address as the whole purpose of SEQanswers is to bring everyone together on equal footing. At some point I will have to make decisions about who is chosen to perform a given webinar topic, potentially choosing someone over another to the financial gain of one party. Please understand that I will base this decision on several factors (namely, previous contributions to the forums, actual peer reviewed publications, public speaking ability*, and of course enthusiasm and responsiveness) which will determine the usefulness of the webinar to the community as a whole. I can foresee that this could offend or sour people on the whole experience and on SEQanswers in general (which is the last thing I want to do!), so if you feel that you may be offended by this type of decision, please retract your interest and I will in no way take offense. (*yes, you will talk to me via phone and/or Skype before we give the go ahead!)

      6. Communication and planning - I feel this email planning could soon get out of hand, and would like to transition to the forums. I have just created a subforum called "Webinar Series" to which I propose we move all this discussion (information such as the above will be moved there), thus letting you control your level of involvement. I'm not fully comfortable with bulk emails and segmented communication with all of you, so this move to the forums would ease that dramatically.

      7. Sponsorships - We plan on funding the honorarium with industrial sponsorship(s). These will likely take the form of a short introduction and thanks to the sponsor at the start and end of the talk (by myself or Nick), accompanied by the sponsor's logo. You will not be asked to talk about the sponsor's products. If you object to this on any grounds, please retract your interest.

      Please continue to consider the degree to which you would like to be involved given the above information.

      Thanks very much.



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        To the front page!


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          I wold be interested as far as fragmentation technologies are concerned.


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            what is the status of the webinar?


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              Hi mrivas!

              While I've run into some hiccups (mainly my own time availability to plan/schedule), I am hoping to find some time to put together the first set of topics for Q1 of 2011. I think given the current time of year it would be too much for most people to try to put together a presentation over the holidays.

              I'll definitely post it up here.


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                sounds good. Look forward to updates..


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                  Could you please inform me when the webinar will take place?
                  I would be interested in the molecular biology steps of the library preparation for whole exome (info like: adapter sequence, ligation, asymmetric PCR)


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                    I would be interested to make a webinar on sequencing tech overview or library prep ... and some specific bioinformatic pipeline like snp discovery from exome capture,

                    keep me in the loop

                    Nicolas Tremblay
                    Graduate Student

                    Cardiovascular Genetics - Andelfinger Lab
                    CHU Ste-Justine Research Center


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