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Upload .bam file to Galaxy, display on UCSC

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  • Upload .bam file to Galaxy, display on UCSC

    The .bigwig files I make and upload to Galaxy get a "Display on UCSC browser" link. Another person in my lab made .bam files from Tophat using Galaxy and also has the Display on UCSC link. When I make .bam files on my own computer and upload them to Galaxy there's no Display on UCSC link. How can I display .bam files that I make myself (from Tophat) and upload to Galaxy on the UCSC browser? I tried uploading a .bai file as well but that didn't help.

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    may be transfer .bam to .bed
    (tool available in Galaxy)
    and then display .bed?


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      The .bam files are up to 10 GB so a bed file would be huge, so would take a long time to upload and only small portions could be displayed at a time (500MB upload limit to UCSC). I could ultimately make a .bigbed file which I assume could be displayed from Galaxy to UCSC as I had no problems with .bigwig files but the idea is to have a relatively quick way to visualize the Tophat output in the UCSC browser.


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        My guess is that Galaxy is not recognizing it as a BAM file (in which case change the datatype), or it is not sorted, in which case try sorting it. I think. :-)

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