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    maq getting started


    sorry but I usually don't work with Macs so I can't really help you. However I have some thoughts about your last error message:

    It seems that you are trying to compile a 64bit version of maq by linking a 32bit library which can't work. You could try two things:

    make clean
    set the environment variable CC to "gcc -m32" (I assume gcc is your compiler)

    make clean
    edit the file Makefile.generic and look for CFLAGS; change -m64 into -m32
    make -f Makefile.generic

    Hmm, I don't know if that really helps you. You could also ask the author of maq for a compiled binary for your Mac.

    Maybe one of the other mac users in this forum can help you out ...

    Wish you luck ,



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      To Andreas,

      actually you did help me, so thank you, thank you.

      you are quite correct that I was trying to compile a 64bit version of maq by linking a 32bit library.

      Editing the Makefile.generic at CFLAGS did solve the problem.

      I now just have to find some example data to trial the program with while I wait for our sequence to come.

      thanks very much again



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        easy run failed

        hi while running maq-0.6.8 in easy run command i am getting this error msg.
        fail to run command '(cd easyrun; /usr/local/bin/maq map -n 2 -e 70 -u [email protected] [email protected] ref.bfa [email protected] 2> [email protected])' at ../maq-0.6.8/scripts/ line 842
        can any one tell me the possible reason for this failed msg?


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          Same error here...

          -- 0 potential soa-indels pass the filter.
          -- 2 potential pe-indels pass the filter.
          -- CMD: (cd easyrun; ln -s cns.filter.snp)
          ln: creating symbolic link `cns.filter.snp': File exists
          ** fail to run command '(cd easyrun; ln -s cns.filter.snp)' at /usr/local/bin/ line 842.
          ** fail to run command '(cd maqdemo; /usr/local/bin/ easyrun -p -d easyrun ref.bfa r1.fq r2.fq)' at /usr/local/bin/ line 842.

          I am new to MAQ... as well as to this forum, so kindly forgive me if i go wrong somewhere...
          and kindly help in solving the above error..


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            --> ln: creating symbolic link `cns.filter.snp': File exists <--

            The script tries to create a link cns.filter.snp to the file However this is not possible if the link already exists. A linux thing ...

            Simply remove all files that were created by an previous run and try again ...



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              running maq on linux ubuntu 32 bit

              Thanks for the reply andpet, yes what you mentioned is true and in the above case the problem was because of that only.
              I had tried running after clearing the existing output files. I would like to first mention here that i am now able to successfully execute the MAQ demo. I would also like to share another piece of experience here:
              I am working on a 32 bit core 2 duo, Linux machine.
              Though I was able to run the maq v0.6.8 executables, directly downloaded from the sourceforge download page, i was unable to run this version compiled from source code on my machine.
              Invariably I was getting stuck at the following error during execution:

              *** buffer overflow detected ***: /home/.../maq-0.7.1/scripts/maq terminated


              ** fail to run command '(cd maqdemo; /home/.../maq-0.7.1/scripts/maq simustat easyrun/ > eval.simustat)' at ./ line 842.

              Later I discovered that it was coming because of a compile time optimization parameter in the Makefile.generic:

              CFLAGS= -g -Wall -O2 -m64 # comment out `-m64' for 32-bit compilation

              removed the '-O2' from the above flag and changed -m64 to -m32 (as mentioned in other posts) and compiled the source code. This solved the purpose and ran the executable to completion.
              Last edited by kunalfab; 11-04-2009, 10:44 PM.


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