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  • Bioinformatics

    Just wanted to initiate some bioinfo discussions ... makes up a major chunk of this high throughput sequencing effort .. after getting the sequence

    Any members here having experience with the data .. using it with some open access or in-house tools for mutation analysis, etc.

    Moreover, issues with the huge amounts of data .. archival and computation issues

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    I'm new to this list as well. I would be very curious to know how people are thinking about dealing with the data sets from these machines. I was thinking of indexing to the UCSC Golden Path build 18, but heard a talk today from ABI suggesting that one should compare to more than one data set. What are other folk doing on the analysis side?

    One other thing I am curious about - what do people think about the MINSEQE standard? I remember the initial discussions about MIAME and how much data really needs to be stored on an experiment. Over time it turned into a set of tools, databases and sample materials that folk can now use. Are there any projects out there that would implement the proposed MINSEQE standard?