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Special rate for SEQanswers - Copenhagenomics June 14-15 - Sharing genomics expertise



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  • Special rate for SEQanswers - Copenhagenomics June 14-15 - Sharing genomics expertise

    Copenhagenomics is a two-day NGS conference taking place June 14 and 15, 2012, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    There will be sessions on...
    large scale human re-sequencing, cancer genomics, metagenomics, clinical applications, frontiers in genomics, human microbiome, emerging NGS technologies, and solving challenges in data analyses.

    ...and speakers from:
    Dana-Farber, JCVI, Harvard, Berkeley, Baylor, DOE JGI, Radboud University Nijmegen, Karolinska, Utrecht, Karolinska, University of Colorado at Boulder, Sanger, and many more.

    Check out the program here:

    *** NOTE ***
    You can save €100 on your registration by entering "SEQAnswers" in the message field when registering.

    Please note that there's limited registrations.
    Hope to see you in June

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    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to say thanks for your interest in Copenhagenomics

    For those of you who haven't signed up yet and are considering, please remember we have limited seatings, so I recommend you to sign up sooner than later.

    Best wishes,
    Anja Lykkebak & Copenhagenomics.


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