For those who are either currently participating or interested in starting the precisionFDA and Georgetown ICBI Brain Cancer Predictive Modeling and Biomarker Discovery Challenge we have some exciting news! We have extended the challenge submission period, and a new incentive has been offered for the top three submissions! The extension details are as follows:

• Phase 1 submission period closes on February 5th
• Phase 2 data will be released February 7th
• Challenge submission period closes on February 14th

In addition to the challenge extension, we’ve added an incentive for the top three performing teams. These teams or individuals will be awarded a podium presentation at the 9th Annual Health Informatics and Data Science Symposium[/URL]. This conference is a great opportunity to meet and network with thought leaders in the fields of precision and molecular medicine, health data analytics, and bioinformatics.

To learn more about the challenge and participate visit Participants who have already submitted a Phase 1 model may use this additional time to improve upon their model and resubmit.