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Workshop: Genomic Data Visualization using R



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  • Workshop: Genomic Data Visualization using R

    Dear all,

    applications are now open for the 2nd edition of our Workshop "Genomic Data Visualization and Interpretation" in Berlin: https://www.physalia-courses.org/cou...hops/course14/

    When: 8-12 April 2019

    Instructors: Dr Obi Giffith and Malachi Griffith (Washington University School of Medicine, USA)

    Course Website: https://www.physalia-courses.org/cou...hops/course14/

    In this workshop we will explore a number of best-in-class visualization tools, and provide working examples that demonstrate important principles of ‘omic interpretation strategies. The workshop will be delivered over the course of five days. Each day will include an introductory lecture with class discussion of key concepts. The remainder of each day will consist of practical hands-on sessions. These sessions will involve a combination of both mirroring exercises with the instructor to demonstrate a skill as well as applying these skills on your own to complete individual exercises. After and during each exercise, interpretation of results will be discussed as a group. Computing will be done using a combination of tools installed on the attendees laptop computer and web resources accessed via web browser.

    Who should attend

    This workshop is aimed at researchers and technical workers who are analyzing some kind of omic data (e.g. WGS, exome, RNA-seq, variant files, etc.). Examples demonstrated in this course will involve primarily human genome/transcriptome data but many of the concepts learned will be applicable to model organisms, metagenomics, simulated data, etc.

    Session content: https://www.physalia-courses.org/cou...curriculum-14/

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

    Best regards,