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Bioinformatics Specialist position at Waksman Institute, Rutgers University



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  • Bioinformatics Specialist position at Waksman Institute, Rutgers University

    Dr. Bryce Nickels Lab Bioinformatics Specialist Position:

    The Nickels Lab at Rutgers University uses Next Generation Sequencing to study how gene expression is regulated at the level of transcription. Specific areas of interest include small RNA-mediated gene regulation and the regulation of transcription elongation and termination. We are seeking a talented Bioinformatics Specialist to join the lab.

    Your responsibilities will be two-fold:

    1. Design and implementation of strategies for the analysis of high throughput sequencing data in consultation with other lab members and according to the specific needs of their projects.

    2. Direct your own analyses of data to identify possible new areas of research, using your expertise in bioinformatics to develop new projects to advance laboratory goals.

    In addition to collaborating on multiple informatics-based projects, the ideal candidate will also conduct research that leads to independent presentations at meetings and first author publications.

    The ideal candidate will have a Masters degree or PhD in bioinformatics.

    Your skills should include:

    • Strong foundation in molecular biology
    • Proficient with UNIX/LINUX
    • Highly proficient with Perl or Python
    • Highly proficient with C++ or Java
    • Experience with statistical analysis using R or Matlab.
    • Experience with open-source software, tools, and databases for analyzing next-generation sequencing data (RNA-seq, DNA variation)
    • Working knowledge of how to apply statistical tests to large datasets

    Must have excellent communications skills and the ability to work well with other members of the group.

    Please send curriculum vitae and contact information for three references by email to bnickels at waksman dot rutgers dot edu

    Bryce Nickels, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Genetics
    Waksman Institute of Microbiology
    Rutgers University
    190 Frelinghuysen Road
    Piscataway, NJ 08816

    Waksman Institute of Microbiology is Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Equal Access Employer.

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