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3 NGS analysis jobs at the Australian National University

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  • 3 NGS analysis jobs at the Australian National University

    The John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University, through its Immunogenomics Laboratory and Australian Phenomics Facility, have pioneered strategies to discover immune regulatory mechanisms by identifying single nucleotide variants affecting immune system traits in mice. The scope and speed of these strategies, and parallel human initiatives that build upon them, is set to expand through the application of massively parallel DNA sequence analysis.

    We are seeking motivated researchers and bioinformaticians for the following positions:

    Computational Biologist
    We are seeking an early-career researcher to join our growing bioinformatics team to conduct computational biology research taking advantage of the rich second-generation sequencing datasets that we are generating. You will be integrated in the research programs within the IGL and APN and will contribute computational and bioinformatics expertise to enhance our research. Examples of possible research topics include SNP detection, analysis of RNA-splicing, disease-gene association studies, ontology creation and data mining of sequence information.
    For more information see: (note that a PhD qualified candidate will be appointed at the top of the Academic Grade A classification)

    Bioinformatics Software Specialist
    We are seeking an experienced bioinformatician with software development expertise to join our growing bioinformatics team. You will develop bioinformatics pipelines in Perl and/or Python to automate the analysis of our second-generation sequencing datasets. You will additionally maintain a technical knowledge of emerging second-generation sequencing analysis methodologies and make judgements as to which of these should be incorporated into our pipelines. Where necessary you will also have scope to develop novel algorithms to complement the pipeline development.
    For more information see:

    Cell Systems Biology Research Fellow
    The ANU is seeking a bioinformatics research fellow (senior post-doctoral level) to establish a team to identify and understand single nucleotide variants in mouse and human cohorts that affect a range of important health problems, including immunological diseases, lymphoid cancer, diabetes and obesity, infertility and stem cells. Candidates will need excellent genomic data analysis and programming skills, preferably with experience in applications for analysing next generation DNA sequence data, and have a successful track record in leading a group and working collaboratively with a team of researchers and technical specialists to solve important biological problems through the application of bioinformatics.
    For more information see:

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    Please note that the university job application submission system automatically (and erroneously) rejects some applications without an Australian work permit - if this happens to you please send you application directly to me at [email protected]

    Sorry about this. We really would like to encourage international applicants!


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      I am currently seeking a position in bioinformatics and would personally prefer ngs to structural bioinformatics, altho I have been trained equally well in both at a top university in europe.

      I was however, not active in this field for roughly three years, which is the reason I am extremely motivated to perform very well at the first institution to offer me a contract.

      As you can see I am also active in online communities such as this one and generally like to keep up-to-date with all new technologies, techniques and methodologies in these fields.

      The reason I am writing this is, considering the gap in my CV, I would like to know whether I can still apply for this job and expect to be competitive compared to the other applicants.

      I would greatly appreciate an answer, thank you.


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        Broken Links

        Hi --

        Congrats on getting to expand!

        When I clicked the links, I got a 500 error: "This page cannot be displayed" (see attached; or maybe not--it's not showing up in preview).