Creative Biolabs is looking for a talented and experienced senior research scientist to further develop our NGS cancer genome sequencing contract research services who will participate in NGS experimental design, data analysis, and laboratory management. He/She should also lead the research and development of new NGS-related services and products.

Key Responsibilities:

Conduct technical assessments of emerging technologies and products, and make recommendations to enhance the company's service and product portfolio.
Design and execute important pilot studies with customers, product and project teams, conduct agreement evaluations and data analysis. Ensure that deliverables and workflows are consistent with customer expectations.
Develop customer-oriented seminars and presentations for sales and business development teams, and participate in training for new sales employees, as well as continuous training for sales and support teams.
Basic Qualifications:
Advanced degree in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, or bioinformatics.
Proficient in technological development, market competition, policies and regulations in the field of genomics, as well as in NGS and its application in academic research, drug development, diagnosis and other industrial applications.
Advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of NGS and mass spectrometry technologies. Experience and knowledge of oncology and bioinformatics.
3+ years of experience as a scientist in academia, research, laboratory or biotechnology/pharmaceutical company.
Excellent written communication skills, including writing, reviewing and editing scientific documents.

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