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New open software tool for 23andme and Decodeme results

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  • New open software tool for 23andme and Decodeme results

    New open software tool for 23andme and Decodeme results.

    OpenSNP has won Mendeley and the Public Library of Science's Binary Battle that set the challenge of making research more open using those companies' tools, and will receive the grand prize of $10,001. The openSNP tool allows customers of some direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies to upload their raw results, share them, and learn about their variants from the literature. Researchers can also use the shared data. Developer Bastian Greshake, a master's degree student at Goethe University, came up with the idea for openSNP after he was genotyped, the Nature News Blog notes.

    The runners up are PaperCritic and rOpenSci.
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    Making this Sticky, hope no one minds. I have had a lot fun playing with OpenSNP and my data. Any plans on supporting Exome data from 23andMe (or WGS from others)?


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      This looks cool but it is too bad you have to sign up. Would be nice if they offered a download to analyze data locally...