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DNA preservation at room temperature

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  • DNA preservation at room temperature

    I am considering preserving the DNA of a family member who passed away. The funeral home offers a service called DNA Memories from a Canadian company (CG Labs). They have two options: Store the DNA in their secure temperature-controlled facility, or "home DNA banking", where they somehow preserve the DNA such that it can be stored without damage "indefinitely", at room temperature. This is how they describe the technology:

    "The DNA is bound to a substrate and sealed under nitrogen gas with out patent pending process. This process allows the DNA to remain in a state of suspended animation and if the vial remains sealed the DNA has an indefinite shelf life. The DNA Memorial Home Banking may be banked in non extreme conditions and room temperature for future testing at home."

    My questions are:

    - Is there any scientific merit to their claims (i.e. is there anything peer-reviewed on the subject of room-temperature DNA preservation for many years, using technology such as the one they describe)?

    - Can DNA preserved in such a way really be tested later in regular DNA testing labs (or will I need a specialized lab that knows how to deal with this unique process)?

    - Is there any possibility of a full sequencing later of DNA stored in such a fashion?

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    I don't see the point frankly. Just get it sequenced if you need the data. On special you can get WGS sequencing for $200 these days.