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new BGI sequencer can sequence 1mil genomes/year

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  • new BGI sequencer can sequence 1mil genomes/year

    BGI will release two sequencers this year. One big one small. The big one can sequence 1 million genomes per year. No details on the small one. Exact spec will be announced in Q2:

    Well, HiSeq X Ten can only do 2400 genomes per machine per year. Assuming this big sequencer is also selling in ten packs, then its throughput is 40x of HiSeq X. Too good to be true???

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    In fact, "BGI sequencer" are developed by Complete Genomics........


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      It is always good to have additional options .. specially if the pricing is reasonable.

      That said providing field support (applications/software) for new instruments is not trivial but perhaps BGI has the money do that as well.


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        Not too many words I understood .. couldn't find the "switch to english language" button ;-)


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          Paste the URL in.

          You can translate to German also :-)


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            ha, good hint .. never used it to translate a whole website. :-)


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              ah.. I think I understand now. BGI used to quote one genome as 1x genome not 30x genome. So they are in fact claiming they can make a machine at a throughput similar to HiSeq X.

              How's the error rate of Complete Genomics? How does it compare to Illumina machines?


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                1,000,000 genomes per year? Kind of like the claim BGI had a few years ago about having 1000 bioinformaticians. Maybe someone got their powers of 10 off a couple of places.


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                  The linked text is just a translation of the Genomeweb article I would guess. In there they discuss BGI:s "Million genomes" project, not 1 million genomes per year.

                  If I remember correctly, CG now uses an ordered flow cell with 6 billion clusters, one cluster per pixel. Aiming for cameras capable of 500 MP/s (?), not sure what that would translate to in terms of genomes / year. 100 bp reads with long fragment technology and higher quality than Illumina.


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                    BGI will launch at least two new sequencers this year. We will start some early-access projects to benchmark the new sequencers soon.