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Cost of MinIon?

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  • AllSeq
    While we haven't used the MinION ourselves, ONT spells out the costs here:

    Look like it's $1000 to start, which includes the instrument and enough reagents/flow cells for two runs (used to be three runs). Additional flow cells cost $270-$900 (depending on how many you buy) and $99 for the reagents for each run. Not sure if that covers any sample prep or if that's just the cost to run the flow cell.

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  • bios90
    started a topic Cost of MinIon?

    Cost of MinIon?

    For those in the MAP program (or otherwise), how much does a MinIon flowcell cost? I saw somewhere that there is only a refundable deposit for the program, and in another place that it costs $1000 per flowcell. Would like to hear what the actual participants are paying to access a MinIon. Are reagents a separate cost, or can you use your own favorite reagents for sample prep?