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    I'm still waiting for sequencing results that they promised me long ago .... due to unknown reason. Rather than wasting another semester, I'm looking at other alternatives. I have a few more cDNA samples to send for Illumina paired end sequencing.

    I wonder if anyone obtain good results with normalized cDNA (using Solexa of course).

    Any recommendation on reliable service providers? Prefer academic sequencing centre.

    Thanks in advance,

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    We also spend 3 months to keep the quality better in illumina GAII flowcells. Our initial problem is the cluster density too high, so the confluent cluster can not be interpretation. The second problem is blocked in data extraction by computer.
    So I contact the service problem to illumina technology for illumina commercial service center. They are kind to provide the local service information by illumina tecnology and service center, you can contact with them. The only problem is that the service cost 4.5 times than ourselves (including the cluster formation, data extraxtion and data analysis).


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      Hi Melissa and Chien-Yuan Chen as well as anyone else needing sequencing. Contact me at [email protected]

      I will be able to help you with a reliable sequencing provider as well as best prices.




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        I had all my sequencing donw at the University of Wisconsin's biotechnology center. It was quick and i received very high quality data.



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          You can try services with ABI-O-TECH . Their list of softwares for next gen sequence analysis is pretty comprehensive and exhaustive. Besides, they are very affordable and engage in whole genome and whole transcriptome analysis! Here are their list https://sites.google.com/a/iitdalumni.com/abi/codes . You can reach them by mailing at their CEO [email protected] .

          Good luck.


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            Hi Narain, did you read the previous thread? I'm not sure your post is appropirate as this thread is about sequencing companies and not a place to advertise private companies that do sequence analysis. Their are other threads on SEQanswers for that...

            Also be aware that there are free sequence analysis options offered by the NSF, the iPlant (http://www.iplantcollaborative.org/) cloud computing infrastructure is completely free and government funded. It provides lots of tools and is continuosuly being expanded by the community...

            Best wishes, Richard


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              Dear Richard

              There are always caveats with the free versions of softwares and services offered. There is a reason why people dont install the free Linux operating system on their computer but rather pay heavily for Microsoft and Mac operating systems and their accompanying expensive softwares.




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                Dear Narain
                I totally agree. I spent/wasted a lot of time setting up a virtual unix machine and install tools and their various dependencies. Hence i was so pleased when i found the iPlant team had already created these virtual machines which can be accessed freely online and have also created their own user friendly GUI (graphical user interface) to run the more popular command line driven tools.
                Best wishes, Richard

                PS However, this thread was discussing companies that perform the actual sequencing not the analysis (hence my confusion?). Thanks for the link to ABI-O-tech, their website looks interesting...


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                  reliable NGS service providers

                  Since this thread is about finding reliable NGS service providers, I'll let you know about another source: Genohub. [I'm a co-founder of Genohub].

                  We work with reputable NGS providers who use Genohub to list up-to-date information on their regular NGS services as well as their excess sequencing capacity. This enables you to have easy access to accurate, detailed, and current sequencing and library preparation services from a variety of service providers.

                  You can search, order, track and receive results with guaranteed turnaround times. Let me know if you have any questions.


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                    Hi Melissa,

                    Our company's specialty is RNAseq, with normalized cDNA being a component of that.
                    We also guarantee our output, quality, and turnaround time so you won't have to deal with the frustration you are currently dealing with. With 5 years developing solutions for RNAseq (ie both molecular, sequencing, and analysis) and a long list of references to back up the satisfaction. I encourage you to take a look at the solutions we have developed for our clients. Last year we won every RNAseq competitive pilot we were involved in (both Industry wide and Academic). I encourage you to look into our RNASeqDX solution.

                    My best.
                    Jarret Glasscock
                    Cofactor Genomics

                    [Disclaimer I am the CEO of Cofactor Genomics and have spent the last 16 years working in EST/RNAseq technologies]


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                      Hello Everyone,

                      You should try geneXplain platform , its a very reliable and comprehensive platform.



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                        We offer very affordable price and quick turn around time.

                        RNA-Seq for only $280/sample


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