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    Hi All - I am interested in getting some sequencing done. I need whole genome, exome, targeted sequencing, and RNA sequencing at 30X coverage where applicable. Does anyone have any ball park numbers for how much this should cost me?


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    Hi Sklien,

    Send me a PM, I can help with this


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      The costs of sequencing will vary depending on where you go. A WGS at 30x will typically cost you >$6k and a few RNA-seq samples can be done in 1 lane of a HiSeq. Exomes and targeted seq samples can also be multiplexed in 1 lane of a HiSeq depending on how many samples you have.


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        Hey Sklien,

        We can also help you with this. Direct Message me to provide some more information for what your looking for.


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          Hi Sklien, contact me at [email protected] and I can help you with this.




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            Dear Sklien

            We at Macrogen offer world wide NGS-services and would therefore definitely be able to offer you good quotes on your project in question. Please contact me directly and I will send you more information: [email protected]

            Best regards


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              Dear Sklien,

              Biomedic Life Sciences Research Institute is able to offer you best quotation for your project. We, Biomedic Life Sciences Research Institute is one of leading life sciences research institute in Korea and is serving worldwide scientists. Please contact [email protected] and I will reply back more information.

              Warm Regards,


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                search by NGS project

                You can search by coverage or the numbers of reads needed for your next gen sequencing project using Genohub. Let me know if you have any questions.


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                  Hello sklien, It depends on what kind of service you need. You can find the whole genome sequencing by asking price with email, this is the most direct way to know the price.


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                    hi guys, I am wondering about cost for human WGS (30x). i heard about novogene, any idea how much could be? do you have good experience with them? what about turnaroundtime?


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                      Originally posted by sundew View Post
                      hi guys, I am wondering about cost for human WGS (30x). i heard about novogene, any idea how much could be? do you have good experience with them? what about turnaroundtime?
                      You can cross-shop multiple service providers on genohub.com and allseq.com.

                      If you are interested in a particular provider then you should contact them directly with your questions.


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