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  • Oxford Nanopore @ ASHG

    New thread started for ONT discussion as the old one was getting long. Also, GridION spotted in the wild?

    Originally posted by twitter
    Roger Pettett ‏@zerojinx

    Guess that ware! #ashg2012

    So it's not a hollow box...

    A call out to all ASHG attendees to please document ONT's announcements and hardware here for the community not attending.

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    Is that sequencing cartridge actually connected to the rest of the electronics

    Can't really tell from the photo.


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      Another twitter pic from Yaniv erlich ‏(@erlichya)
      GridIONs in a rack.


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        Another twitter pic from Yaniv erlich ‏(@erlichya)
        Touching a minION

        Info from another person I know attending ASHG:
        No info on when for sale or price. Essentially error free to 10 kb - not sure I heard that right. No data to release. Just starting early access program.


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          Thanks for the info. Getting the same vibe from following other Twitter accounts - no data yet.

          On the other hand, they are doing some cheeky marketing:

          (that is the Ion Torrent Bus!) (Photo from: @NeonAardvar on Twitter)
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            Joshua Randall ‏@joshulux
            Single-use MinION from Oxford Nanopore will cost ~$1000 and yield ~10Gbases in 6 hours with reads up to 40kb.


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              Yaniv erlich ‏@erlichya
              Based on oxford nanopore representative explanations, here is a technical annotation of the MinIon picture #ashg2012


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                Einstein Epigenomics Einstein Epigenomics ‏@EpgntxEinstein
                Oxford Nanopore powered up #ASHG2012


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                  Good blog post toning down the hype over at mikethemadbiologist's page


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                    Anyone can put a plexiglass top on a microATX case full of wires...Mike's post reflects my own opinions, I HOPE this isn't all just marketing. But it's really hard to not yell bull**** if they're not going to release data or show these things actually *doing* something.


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                      "wait for Nanopore’s sequencing data has been like waiting for Godot"


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                        Good article

                        Chief Executive Officer Gordon Sanghera spent some time telling me how the technology could tag proteins or microRNA with specially-made DNA strands and be used for detection, but he wouldn’t say a word about the company’s timeline for DNA sequencing. Instead, he urged patience. “What we said at AGBT, we will make good.”
                        I thought they said beta units would be out by September or October and they'd go on sale in December. It'd be a lot easier to be patient if they spared us the dog and pony show and just delivered.


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                          Hmm. My XBox 360 looks a lot like that.....


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                            Overall my conversation was pretty disappointing as far as new info (although the gentleman I talked to resisted a pretty good grilling from me and a 454/Roche product manager).

                            Points from my conversation that I can remember...
                            • GridION == "4-5x more sensors" than the MinION (no comparative runtime specs).
                            • GridION can sip from a 96 well plate full of samples (this was demo'd as a flat bottom black microtiter plate with no septa...hmmm).
                            • Acquisition speed == "bases per second".
                            • The above picture suggesting sample prep is just a "10bp overhang" is not correct and not confirmed
                            • The prototypes of the MinION ended up much larger than shown at AGBT due to heat issues (had to "add fans").
                            • They will not confirm which gating protein (exo or phi29) or which pore (mspA or a-HL), but that the gate protein is not covalently coupled to the pore. (which strongly suggests to me that it is phi29...the exo-release method would undoubtedly need exquisite positioning for efficient detection)
                            • According to the CEO, the DNA input concentration is "nanomolar". This makes sense to be given the binding kinetics of phi29 to it's binding site...but translates into high concentrations for a single molecule platform. When questioned about the possibility of doing very dilute samples where all the molecules matter, he suggested some method of on-chip enrichment/concentration (?????).
                            • They are cagey about data release because they want to (my paraphasing) "release data when it's ready"

                            Anyway, that's all I got. The ratio of ([booth girls] + [Apple-esque brushed aluminum] + [blinky lights]) to (data) was that seems to speak for itself.


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                              Originally posted by ECO View Post
                              The ratio of ([booth girls] + [Apple-esque brushed aluminum] + [blinky lights]) to (data) was undefined...
                              Since data = 0, don't you mean infinite?