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Mosaik and gigabuild help

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  • Mosaik and gigabuild help

    Hi everybody!!!

    I am using the Unified Release of PbShort, to analyze some 454 sequences, but I have a couple of questions. I would like to know how to convert an alignment file to .bam. I mean I try to do it with MosaikText, and the -bam parameter, but it didn't work, ant it says that this parameter is not recognized, and at the Alignment archive options -bam parameter does not appear.

    And by the other side, using gigaBuild when I run it it says ERROR: inconsistent unpadded read lengths for read=GLMZ0L003F9IDP ace=217 fasta=227. terminating... , but anyway the output file was created, so do you thing the file is ok? and just don't take in count that read?