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Did anyone visit ASHG 2022? And what are your highlights?



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  • Did anyone visit ASHG 2022? And what are your highlights?

    Did anyone here attend the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual Meeting this year? I'm very sad I wasn't able to go and it seems I missed a lot of interesting announcements and technologies. I was hoping to hear about some of the events that took place because there isn't summary that I could find for the conference.

    A few things I have been able to find:

    - It looks like PacBio was showing off it's two new (long- and short-read sequencers).

    - Oxford Nanopore debuted their PromethION 2 Solo and gave a seminar.

    - There was a lot of interesting research done on different ethnicities across the world. I can find the abstracts, but don't have any way to watch the presentations.

    - Illumina gave some talks and so did many smaller but interesting biotech companies.

    - Even Complete Genomics (MGI/BGI) has shown off a few of their sequencers to be released in the US. I'm super curious about what this means for the US market and what labs will switch from Illumina over to this platform.

    So did anyone go? And what are some of your highlights?!