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RNA-seq Workshop at UC Davis; May 10th -12th



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  • RNA-seq Workshop at UC Davis; May 10th -12th

    We would like to announce our coming RNA-seq workshop:
    Library Preparation and Introduction to Data Analysis
    This workshop is a collaboration of the DNA Technologies Core and the Bioinformatics Cores.

    May 10, 2016, 9 a.m. – May 12, 2016, in Davis, California

    Please see this page for the full information and the registration:

    This workshop provides comprehensive hands-on training in the preparation of high quality RNA-Seq libraries for the Illumina platform. Participants will generate two types of RNA-seq libraries: one using poly-A enrichment and one using ribo-depletion. The former protocol is preferred for high quality eukaryotic RNA samples. The latter is required for bacterial RNA-seq and fragmented RNA samples. Lectures will cover the entire workflow including sample QC/QA, as well as the basic principles of Illumina technology and considerations for experimental design meeting current publication standards. Approximately 6 hours will be spent on data analysis, presented by the Bioinformatics Core, and will include an introduction-to/demo-of RNA-seq data QA/QC, preprocessing, read mapping, gene counting as well as a hands-on-exercise on Differential Expression Analysis in R with previously computed gene counts tables.

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