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  • Postdoc Plant Genome Assembly , Wageningen (The Netherlands)

    Postdoc Plant Genome Assembly

    Laboratory of Bioinformatics of Wageningen University and Research Centre
    Wageningen (The Netherlands), 38 hours per week

    Reference number: DPW 09-10

    Background: Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) is involved in the international efforts to sequence the genomes of the Solanceous crops tomato and potato. To support these efforts, WUR has recently extended its sequencing capacity with the acquisition of a next generation sequencing platform. Our activities in plant genome sequencing are supported by a strong team of bioinformaticians involved in (comparative) genome analysis and responsible for the development and application of genome assembly and annotation strategies.
    The tomato genome is being sequenced by the SOL Consortium, a collaboration of 10 countries and in which the dutch effort is financed through the Centre of BioSystems Genomics and the EU-SOL project. Recently, the consortium has begun whole genome shotgun sequencing using novel technologies as a complementary approach to the ongoing BAC-by-BAC sequencing strategy. This initiative is led by the CBSG and EU-SOL from the Netherlands and covers coordination of the whole genome shotgun assembly effort.

    Job description: A postdoc position is immediately available in the Laboratory of Bioinformatics of WUR to work on the whole genome shotgun assembly of the tomato genome. This will involve very intensive (inter)national collaboration. Datasets will include sequence data from the Roche/454, SOLiD, Solexa and Sanger-ABI platforms. The candidate will participate in a team involved in the development of a bioinformatics platform for next generation sequencing technologies, which will be based on an advanced ICT infrastructure (Grid computing), webservices and workflow management technology. This development is linked to the BioAssist initiative of the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC).

    Profile: We are looking for a communicative team player with:
    • A PhD in bioinformatics or related area and a strong publication record
    • Strong background in sequence analysis and genome assembly
    • Advanced programming and database development skills (Java, SQL, Python, C++ or Perl)
    • Knowledge of next generation sequencing technologies and the data produced by these platforms
    • Experience with Grid computing, workflow management technology and creating and implementing webservices
    • The drive, ambition and skills to make a frontier sequencing project to a success; for this a cooperative spirit and good communication skills are a must.

    Remuneration: a young, dynamic and driven bioinformatics group, focusing on computational challenges in a range of comparative and functional genomics related topics; a state-of-the art computational infrastructure; close collaboration with laboratory experts in genomics and sequencing.
    The position is available for one year, full time, with a possible extension. Maximum gross salary will be € 4374,- (scale 11) per month, depending on qualifications and experience.

    Information: dr. Roeland van Ham, +31-317-481053,
    [email protected].

    Application: Send your letter with CV, list of publications and the names of two references before March 16, 2008 to Mrs. Dorien Wissink, Department Personnel & Organisation, P.O. Box 16, 6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands. E-mail: [email protected].
    When applying for this job always mention the vacancy number DPW 09-10
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    Date extended to March 16 !

    Dear possible applicant,

    The date for entry has been extended to March 16.

    With kind regards,
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