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  • Top 11 Takeaways from JP Morgan Healthcare 2023

    The 41st Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference concluded last week. The annual meeting is an opportunity for industry leaders to connect with the investment community and other companies. This year’s event included several important announcements and updates from global leaders in the sequencing market. The top 11 conference highlights for the sequencing community are outlined below.

    1. Element Biosciences
    Element Biosciences’ CEO, Molly He, discussed data released from studies using their benchtop AVITI instrument. The work demonstrated the effectiveness of avidity sequencing in detecting causal mutations and rare disease diagnostics, and provided results similar to Illumina’s instruments.

    Their biggest announcement was that AVITI could provide genome sequencing for only $200 a genome and as low as $0.60 per million reads for single-cell sequencing. This lower cost does come with requirements, including purchasing a certain number of instruments and supplies, but could still dramatically lower the cost of sequencing for many medium-throughput labs. Finally, CEO He mentioned that Element will expand its commercial organization globally and plans to launch a 2x300 bp kit later in the year.

    2. Complete Genomics
    Complete Genomics’ Chief Scientific Officer, Rade Drmanac, spoke at the event and highlighted their trial program for their sequencing instruments. The program offers potential users a free three-month trial, reagent rental leasing program, and money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

    Complete Genomics also showcased their suite of four available sequencers: DNBSEQ-E25*, DNBSEQ-G400C*, DNBSEQ-T7*, and DNBSEQ-T10x4*. They range from low-throughput, portable sequencers up to ultra-high throughput (18 Tb daily). The sequencers are currently available in the U.S. except for DNBSEQ-E25*, which will be released later this year.

    3. Ultima Genomics, Inc
    Ultima Genomics CEO, Gilad Almogy, revealed that the firm currently has more than ten early-access customers. Their UG100 high-throughput sequencer is on track to launch later in 2023, with the company continuing to reinforce the software and develop the workflow. Official specs for the instrument have not been released, but run times are expected to be less than 20 hours. In addition, Ultima has already begun working on its second-generation instruments.

    4. Illumina
    Illumina’s presentation started off with the strong demand for its instruments, most notably their latest NovaSeq X. The preorder for the NovaSeq X broke records as their most sought-after instrument, with plans to ship over 300 this year.

    Illumina Complete Long-Read technology, which allows their existing instruments to also perform long reads, is still expected to be released this year. Lastly, Illumina is planning to appeal the European Commission’s decision to prohibit their acquisition of GRAIL. Until then, an order is in place to keep the two companies running independently.

    5. Singular Genomics
    Singular Genomics shipped out five of its G4 sequencers in the fourth quarter of 2022, making it their first revenue-generating quarter. The supply chain and manufacturing issues that delayed instrument sales have been fixed.

    In addition to enhancements to their current flow cells, Singular Genomics is now planning to release a F3 flow cell capable of doubling their sequencer’s output to 300 million reads. A new technique for detecting gene fusions, called Ring-seq, is also in development.

    6. Pacific Biosciences
    CEO Christian Henry from Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) provided updates about their latest sequencers, Revio and Onso. Beta testing of Onso has been showing ultra-high accuracy, with reports of bases above Q50. Orders are now being accepted for the short-read platform with a list price of $259,000.

    The orders for Revio brought many new customers and included a contract for a population genomics project at Mohammed Bin Rashid University. PacBio will also collaborate with University of Tokyo Graduate School of Medicine to use long-read sequencers and new bioinformatic methods for studying rare diseases. In 2023, the company will focus more on informatics and tools for secondary and tertiary analysis.

    Pacific Biosciences is also planning to launch a collection of sample prep and bioinformatics tools called PacBio Compatible. The collection has been validated by an extensive network of companies using their long-read technologies and will also be validated with their short-read instruments.

    7. Twist Biosciences
    Emily Leproust, Twist Biosciences CEO, announced that the company will release the option to have a faster turnaround time for their gene and oligo synthesis services. The new “fast genes” will come from their recently constructed factory in Oregon factory. They also began an antibody discovery collaboration with Astellas Pharma. In addition, they plan to release a DNA-based data storage product, which could lower costs for consumers and be stored for periods of 100 years or more.

    8. Roche
    Roche CFO Alan Hippe described plans for a benchtop analyzer currently in development that combines immunochemistry and clinical chemistry. In addition, Roche is working on a next-generation sequencing solution that integrates their current infrastructure and paves the way for high-throughput sequencing. The company has also continued making large investments in artificial intelligence and digital health.

    9. Agilent Technologies
    The company plans to expand its therapeutic nucleic acid manufacturing abilities and expects to double the manufacturing capacity at one of its facilities. Investments in the manufacturing lines are expected to produce siRNA, antisense oligos, and CRISPR guide RNAs. Agilent expects high demand for oligo therapies as their patient populations expand. A collaboration between Agilent and Akoya Biosciences is planned to commercialize Akoya’s spatial tissue analysis platform.

    10. 10x Genomics
    10x Genomics is expanding the availability of tissue types and adding analytes to their Visium spatial transcriptomics platform. They have reported successful sales of their CytAssist kits that aid with the tissue preparation slides. They are also adding more analytes, throughput, and multiplexing capabilities to the Xenium (in situ analysis) platform.

    11. Thermo Fisher Scientific
    CEO Marc Casper described 2022 as one of their best years ever. Last year, Thermo Fisher launched the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Flex genetic analyzer, a Sanger-based sequencing instrument, as well as the Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid mass spectrometer. They also acquired The Binding Site, a specialty diagnostics firm.

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