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gsMapper problem



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  • gsMapper problem

    Hi all,

    I am using gsMapper v2.3 on a fairly small genome and I really want to see the alignment results but I keep getting the following message.

    Error myProject: Unable to launch back-end program to read alignment results.
    myProject: This normally occurs if the project is in use by another instance of the program,
    myProject: or if a computation on the project is being run from the command line or if one of the project's read data files have been removed from their original locations
    myProject: If that is not the case, then some data indices maybe in an inconsistent state.
    myProject: Performing a full (non-incremental) analysis may remedy the situation.
    myProject: If not, please report this error to your customer support representative

    can anyone shed light on this issue?


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    I had that error, for me the problem was I had no read or write rights for the folder that contained the reference genome. After I got the proper rights, the same project opened without any errors.


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      u must have move/rename your project folder structure..undo that action to see the alignment results..
      if that not suffices then get the proper rights on the project folder. (chmod -R 777 project_folder_name)


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