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  • MiniSeq grey tiles


    I recently ran few sequencing runs on a MiniSeq with the 2x150cycles MID Output sequencing kit.
    I systematically (8+ runs) observe 2x 6 grey tiles at the bottom of the Flow Cell Chart in SAV.
    The SAV User Guide indicates that "Tiles that have not been measured or are not monitored are gray.".

    Does it mean that those tiles are not taken into account by the Miniseq when sequencing with a MidOutput kit? But why are they even displayed then?
    Or does it mean that, in our conditions for any technical reasons, those tiles CAN'T be read by the sequencer?
    I saw a video from Illumina ( where similar tiles are described as "normal" for High Output FlowCells. Is it the same for MidOutput flowcells?
    Is there any Miniseq users using MO kits out there? Do you observe the same phenomenon?

    Thank you for your advices or comments.