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Water for MiSeq Wash

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  • Water for MiSeq Wash

    I have a relatively trivial question. What type of water do you use to MiSeq wash, respectively to prepare 0,5% Tween 20?
    Does anyone use only distilled or redistilled water? So far, we have used 18MΏ. To prevent biofilm formation we wash the machine more often than indicated in the Illumina manual. That means increases the consumption of expensive water, as well as overhead costs. We therefore began to think that we would switch to distilled or redistilled water for MiSeq wash.
    What is your experience in this area?

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    Hey, we use milliq H2O (18MΏ) with .5% tween and wash regularly just like you do.


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      I have used distilled water from a RODI tap for a Miseq from 2017 until 2021 and the machine seemed fine the whole time!