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Ion Isothermal Amplification Chemistry

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  • Ion Isothermal Amplification Chemistry

    Hi everyone,,

    We heard "Isothermal product" for Ion Torrent has been already released in the US.

    Please read below, about the kit in detail. This have described 2 years ago.

    【Ion Isothermal Amplification Chemistry】
    Ion Isothermal Amplification Chemistry, formerly known as Avalanche, is a new, single-tube chemistry delivers isothermal amplification of 500 bp library templates in as little as 30 minutes. The complete template preparation process takes just two hours, and will enable the industry's fastest benchtop sequencing workflow.

    I would like to know any information of the kit, for example "Accuracy", "Read length" "ISP summary" "Release time in other countries" "Required version of Ion suite software"......

    Has anyone used the chemistry?

    Thank you for your cooperation.


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    Hi rsato,

    Yes it has been released and I have played with it on a few control libraries. It performs well and the read lengths are 500+ like they promised. They now have a 600bp kit if you have the IonChef. I have not played with that one yet.

    The general workflow for the IC works really well and is quick. It says it in the documentation but you get a higher polyclonal % with this kit. I think if you have the time to titrate the input down and test it could be greatly reduced. However I do not know the cut off for the polyclonal/throughput trade off will be.

    I attached the run summary to this post so you can see the answers to most of your questions.

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