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Vortex during Ampliseq library preparation



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  • Vortex during Ampliseq library preparation

    Hello everyone,

    I am having problems with ampliseq library preparation. I don't get high yield of library prep. I suspect that I vortexed too much in each step. I was told to vortex all the enzymes (HIFI, Fupu, ligase) before used and vortex after adding the enzymes to reactions to mix. I am not sure if we should vortex the enzymes and if we should vortex for each step. I am afraid enzymes will be damaged and DNA will be sheared by vortexing. I wonder if anyone has problems by vortexing or if it is ok to vortex.

    Thank you.

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    The Ampliseq program automatically performs a number of preprocessing steps on your sequence data, including quality control, trimming and normalization. The preprocessing stage also includes an alignment algorithm that attempts to identify homologous regions in the sequences, with the goal of producing an aligned capillary dataset that can be used for downstream analyses such as cDNA synthesis. I will have to get online mba assignment help so that I could do other things with my friends who is having wedding next week.