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Spatial Transcriptome Sequencing for Cancer



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  • Spatial Transcriptome Sequencing for Cancer

    Spatial transcriptome sequencing technology provides a powerful tool for investigating the gene expression of individual cells in their original location and has been used in many research fields including pathology, immunology, developmental biology, neuroscience, and oncology. In oncology research, spatial transcriptome sequencing combining with single-cell sequencing is very valuable to research tumor microenvironment, tumor development, invasion, and metastasis as well as tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, etc. Creative Biolabs is an expert in NGS-based cancer research who offers one-stop spatial transcriptome sequencing services with high coverage and high resolution to support cancer research. Furthermore, we have also established a spatial multiplex imaging platform that allows the analysis of multiple biomarkers in a tissue section while preserving their spatial location.

    Contact at: https://www.creative-biolabs.com/sup...for-cancer.htm
    Creative Biolabs supports the best spatial transcriptome sequencing services for cancer research.