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Per gigabase cost estimation, including indirect cost.

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  • Per gigabase cost estimation, including indirect cost.

    There is a list available online with sequencing machines and cost per gigabase.

    These cost figures probably only include direct cost(machine deprecation, library kit cost, reagents cost), and not indirect cost (labor, overhead, profit, building that houses the machines and workers etc).

    Does anyone know what cost are included in these numbers:

    For example the above table mentions that with ILMN NovaSeq S4 2fcells* (if 5 machines were purchased) a cost of around $7 per gigabase would be possible.

    This is not (yet) my experience, since for actual projects at actual service providers I think quite some indirect cost are not yet included in the $7 per gigabase?

    Is there maybe a public website that allows for a reliable and up to date estimated sequencing project cost calculation, that includes estimated direct and indirect cost per gigabase at a typical (if that exists) service provider?

    Excluding the:
    • DNA isolation
    • Library prep
    • Bio-informatics (alignment + variant calling)