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The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) available in GenePool

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  • The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) available in GenePool

    GenePool is Station X’s software environment for the management, analysis and sharing of cohort-scale genomics data. GenePool makes it easy for translational and clinical researchers to make sense of patient-derived genomics data, particularly mutation and expression data generated from sequencing platforms.

    One of the highlights of our Premium Content collection is our version of The NIH/NHGRI Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project - organized, curated and presented in an analysis platform you can use instantly.

    The TCGA is a landmark project to molecularly characterize more than 30 types of human cancers using advanced genomic technologies. The data represents over 16,000 patients with >100,000 assays including expression of genes, splicings, exons and miRNAs, somatic mutations, copy number, methylation, protein expression, etc.*

    Although the project is a tremendously rich resource for cancer research, the volume and complexity of the TCGA data makes it difficult for scientists to extract full value from it. Recognizing this, Station X has consolidated the public access TCGA genomic data, curated the associated sample- and patient-derived clinical information and integrated it all in GenePool, our cloud-based genome management and analysis platform. This means an investigator can be exploring the TCGA resource in minutes without needing to download software or data, and without requiring IT or bioinformatics support.

    GenePool provides instant access to the following TCGA assays:

    *Somatic Mutations (per patient derived from exome sequencing of Tumor and matched Blood-Normal sample)
    *RNA-Seq (genes, isoforms, exons, splice junctions)
    *Protein Expression (array-based)
    *DNA Methylation (chip-based)
    *Copy Number (chip-based)

    Station X offers the gene-level RNA-Seq data for all cancer indications to the community as a freely available resource to the community. The rest of the data is made available to GenePool subscribers as premium content. The Breast Cancer (BRCA) data for all assays is available to the community as a free preview.

    Click on the following links for more information on GenePool, full details of our free content, our premium content, and to take advantage of our special discounts available if you mention you heard about us through

    *In keeping with dbGAP requirements, GenePool contains only open-access TCGA data. Access to the controlled-access portions of TCGA always requires application to dbGAP.

    GenePool is making genomics data management, analysis, and sharing easier!
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