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Alternatives to installing CEGMA yourself



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  • Alternatives to installing CEGMA yourself

    There are many recent threads in which people have reported problems in trying to install and/or run CEGMA. I try to check on these and add comments as time allows, but I thought it worth mentioning that there are many ways you can run CEGMA without having to install it manually.
    1. CEGMA packages are available for Homebrew, Linuxbrew, and LPM (thanks to Shaun Jackman and Masahiro Kasahara)
    2. There is a CEGMA iPlant application (thanks to Michael Crusoe)
    3. There is an Amazon Machine Instance (thanks to Matt MacManes)
    4. There is a CEGMA docker image (thanks to Rob Syme)
    5. And there is a Virtual Machine

    All our detailed on the CEGMA FAQ:

    However you install CEGMA, I strongly suggest that people first try running it with the included sample data before trying to get it to work with your own data.

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    The virtual machine works well!