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  • Looking for books or online courses

    Hello, I'm a software engineer that works in the genomics field. I build software for researchers/clinicians that, in very short, ease the interpretation of the variants.
    I would like to expand my knowledge in general about genomics, computational biology, and bioinformatics, which is very little.
    In this context is there a "bible" book (or books) well known to be useful as a starter, clear, and well written, but also basic enough for non-biologists (and mostly up-to-date on techniques)?
    Also some online courses you would recommend (paid or free)?


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    isn't that a question every single one of you could answer?
    should I "narrow" the context?


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      I started with "Bioinformatics: a Beginners guide" and "Bioinformatics for dummies" by Cedric Notredame and Jean Micheal Claverie.
      Then I downloaded some lecture notes of the Graduate Summer School on Bioinformatics >> "Basics of Bioinformatics" by Rui Jiang, Michael Q. Zhang and Xuegong Zhang. I used it for my research - to do my summer homework for my course at the Institute for Biogenomics Diversity.
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        Also, check the new edition of "Introduction of Bioinformatics" by Arthur M. Lesk


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          is there something you would recommend specifically tailored as an introduction to genomics/bioinformatics for computer scientists?


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            Hello, I am a school student and right now I am looking for books or online courses and I have found them in your post. Thanks for asking this question over here. I would like to share website with you all in which you guys can read a lot of essay examples for free.
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