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  • Cambridge, UK user forum...

    Hi Everyone,
    This is the first geographical community forum on SEQanswers. It is a new idea on SEQanswers and we will see how it works over the next few months. If you would like to start a local forum in your area please get in touch with the SEQanswers Admin.
    The idea is to allow people in the Cambridge area of the UK to keep in touch with each other, arrange meetings, ask questions, get help and possibly reagents at short notice from someone nearby. We already have a well developed community based around CRI, Sanger and other Institutes/Departments in Cambridge. We just had our first Bioinformatics one day workshop and are about to have our fifth quarterly update meeting for groups collaborating with the facility located at CRUK’s Cambridge Research Institute where we have three GA2’s (my lab).

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    Yes! This is a great idea. I just arrived in Cambridge for a post-doc and our lab is keen to start doing mRNAseq experiments on Illumna. However, we have very little experience with this and would love to connect with other labs in the area who might be able to offer assistance/advice on sample prep and downstream analyses (stats/bioinformatics). If anyone else is looking for similar info, or can help us out, please drop me a note.



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      Good idea, I've been lurking in the background for a lot of info, we are based just down the road from CRI.
      Doing ChIP seq and RNA seq.



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        We have been doing this in the Research Triangle Park (North Carolina, US) for the last 2.5 years (and there may be other similar efforts that are ongoing elsewhere). We meet every other month in the central location accessible by everyone.

        So technically this is the first geographical community forum advertised on SeqAnswers though others pre-exist :-)