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[Small RNA sequencing] 10-12 M raw reads enough?



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  • [Small RNA sequencing] 10-12 M raw reads enough?

    Hi, all,

    I am a novice in solid deep sequencing. Months before I made several small RNA libraries using the SOLID total RNA seq Kit. The final concentrations of these libraries were relatively low (about 10 ng/ul), but they all reached the requirement for deep sequencing, and their ratio of 120-130bp/25-150bp, obtained by Agilent bioanalyzer, was above 50%. So we sent them to the sequencing company. The company helped us with the ePCR and sequencing. This week I got the sequencing results. Most libraries got about 10-12 M raw reads, which is lower than the supposed 16 M. Is 10-12 M reads enough for my following bioinformatic analysis? Will the results be accurate to reflect the transcript level of small RNAs in the plant ?

    By the way, I used SOLID barcode primer in the library construction process

    I hope someone here has related experience on small RNA deep sequencing, and is willing to share your knowledge with me? Thank a lot.

    If anything confusing, let me know.

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    I think you've posted in the wrong forum. There is a SOLiD forum here.


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      Really? which one do I suppose to post?

      I do use SOLID system for my sequencing.


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        There is a SOLiD forum here:



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          All right, thanks


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