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    We got an invitation too.


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      @NextGenSeq and @ZFHans: Does the "invitation" say when you are likely to actually get the kits?


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        The invitation is specific to the point of: "we look forward to working with you in the coming weeks."
        More details will follow on the portal website that they have set up.


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          There's a fair bit of information on the Nanopore website now:

          Here's my rough summary:
          • Restricted open-access philosophy for results and software development via login at
          • 6 week MAP cycles, 2 weeks for configuration, 4 for your own experiments. Burn-in cell in week 1, two experimental flow cells delivered week 3, two more week 5
          • Can duck out at any time with a deposit refund
          • Can continue on in the program for the next cycle, or stop and give someone else a go
          • Cost is $1,000 deposit (covers all MAP cycles) + $250 delivery (per cycle for multiple deliveries & returns) + taxes where relevant
          • ONP receives diagnostic statistics via the Grouper instrument software, but results are yours to keep
          • ONP requests that people remain tight-lipped until the end of the burn-in period, so people will be quiet about this for at least the next couple of weeks
          • Computer requirements are not mentioned on this page, although it is stated that Macs are not yet fully supported


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            Unfortunately my email was:

            Thank you very much for taking the time to apply to join the MinION Access programme (MAP). We received a large number of applications from a broad range of applicants and unfortunately cannot invite every applicant at this time. Unfortunately we cannot offer you a place in the first wave of MAP however we intend to make more places available in the future and hope that you are happy to remain on our list of interested participants.
            Once again we thank you for your interest. If you would prefer not to be considered for MAP in the future please email us on [email protected].

            I hope those of us that did get in keep everyone posted in this thread.


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              I just noticed Oxford Nanopore thinks solid state nanopore is the future. They added Harvard's solid state nanopore team in 2011. If this new team develops fast enough, the current gen of protein nanopore might just be a stopgap product?