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MetaSUB Forensics Challenge @CAMDA ISMB Chicago

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  • MetaSUB Forensics Challenge @CAMDA ISMB Chicago

    The MetaSUB International Consortium ( is building a longitudinal metagenomic map of mass-transit systems and other public spaces across the globe. The consortium maintains a strategic partnership with CAMDA and this year provides data from global City Sampling Days for the first-ever multi-city forensic analyses.

    CAMDA delegates receive access to hundreds of novel MetaSUB samples, comprising several gigabases of whole genome shotgun (WGS) metagenomics data. Samples are collected from multiple surfaces in mass-transit systems (handrails, ticket machines screens and keypads, plastic, metal, or wooden benches, etc.). The primary data set covers multiple cities around the world, with tens of samples per city. Together, they form a unique resource for the study of biodiversity within and across geographic locations or surface types.

    Three complementary independent test sets will be provided for exploration:
    • About 30 new samples from different cities and surface types already featured in the primary dataset - can you tell which?
    • At least 3 different new 'mystery' cities not featured before. Each new city will be represented by 10 or more samples.
    • 20-30 samples from new 'mystery' locations not featured before, with no information about which samples might come from the same city.

    Analysis suggestions:
    A key challenge in genomic forensics is the construction of a microbiome fingerprint which will allow the identification of the geographical origin of a sample.

    Typical considerations include:
    • How and how well can we exploit metagenomic fingerprints for identifying the origin of a sample?
    • How reliably can we identify single samples?
    • How do multiple samples and/or multiple surface types affect the quality of our predictions?

    Join us for a stimulating scientific meeting and lively discussions in Chicago 07-08 July 2018!

    Follow us on twitter @CAMDA_conf
    Pawel Labaj

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    New samples available!!!

    Additional anonymized mystery samples from known as well as from new cities are NOW available!

    Take part in CAMDA [@CAMDA_conf] MetaSUB [@metasub] Challenge!

    Construct urban microbiome fingerprints and identify the geographical origin of mystery samples!

    Join us for a stimulating scientific meeting and lively discussions in Chicago 07-08 July 2018!
    Pawel Labaj


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      REMINDER !!!!

      To present late breaking methods research or analyses of the CAMDA challenge data sets you need to register a 200-word abstract as intention to submit by 5 April, specifying CAMDA as intended target audience.
      Pawel Labaj